Monday, August 16, 2010

Class of 2013 Super Soph Standout 6'2 Tyler Ennis

Tyler Ennis 2013
With the summer comming to a close, not many in the class of 2013 can say they have had a better summer. Ennis played extremely well for his Team Takeover Canada Team in all tournaments that they entered. (Indiana, West Virginia, Super Soph camp, Orlando)
Ennis who is currently ranked # 14 in the class of 2013 in North America by Flagrant Fouls proved his worth by dropping 36pts vs. Team Melo in West Virginia and followed that up with an outstanding 33 pt performance in Orlando vs. Memphis. Ennis a pass first point guard can also score the ball. He is superb off the dribble and uses screens so well to get his shot off. Ennis has improved his game as he can also play at the rim and drop deep three balls on demand. Tyler is a guy who likes to get his team involved and remains calm in every situation. “He is able to perform and set the tone, set the pace and get his team on the same page” coach Mike George states.

Tyler Ennis also attended the Super Soph camp in Cleveland this past July with teammates Tevin Findlay, Tanveer Bhullar and Nicholas Madray. Ennis while at the camp played superb the entire camp and lead his team throughout the camp. Ennis has several offers and also has interest from high majors like Wake Forest in the ACC. This interest may very well land him an invite to midnight madness in Philly this Sept.

This coming high school season Tyler Ennis will team up at Lake Forest Academy in Chicago with his brother “2011 Dylan Ennis”. This pairing should be great for the school but also for the Ennis brothers whom play so well together. Both top point guards in their respective class, this pairing will allow for one of them to also slide to the 2 spot and light it up.

The class of 2012 – 2013 is a very deep class for Team Takeover Canada and should be exciting for Ontario Basketball, and Canada as a whole.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Young Buck....See's the LIGHT!

Pic: Daniel J Cummings
This past year was a break out season for Daniel J Cummings. Growing over 5 inches in the last 9 months he has established himself as a top player for the class of 2016. Daniel Cummings stands over 6’1 and 160lbs solid build and is 13 years old. Playing for his native Scarborough Blues, Daniel has lead his team to several successful championships. Playing in the (Ontario Provincial Championships OBA’s) Cummings contributed to his teams bronze medal by averaging 20 pts per game and 10 rebounds. Daniel Cummings through the entire 2009 – 2010 season averaged 20+ pts and 10+ rebounds per game. On the season the young Cummings was a part of championships at the Waterloo Wild hawk and York Avengers tournaments. The Blues also finished 2nd in their own tournament, as well as 2nd in the Brampton Warriors tournament.

Strengths that Daniel possesses are his outstanding mid range game, offset by his ability to play with his back to the basket. Offensively Cummings is able to keep his defender honest by facing up or taking his defender out to the three where he has demonstrated the ability to knock down the long ball. Daniel’s footwork is very good and he continues to work on his inside game. Cummings has shown steady improvement in his shot blocking and defensive rebounding game.

The Scarborough Blues team has also traveled to AAU tournaments in Rochester, Akron, Buffalo, Syracuse and several other tournaments with excellent results. Daniel’s Blues won the Buffalo Jam Fest and placed second in the Rochester Upstate Elite Tournament. At the aforementioned tournament Cummings was selected to the All Tournament Team.
Playing for his school Maclin Public School Cummings lead them to a Public School Championship. The banner that was won is the first in approx 15 years for the school.

Cummings has also excelled in track and field, and has shown that his athletic ability extends beyond the confines of a basketball court. Qualifying for the City Finals in the 100m after winning several events. Daniel is an excellent student off the court, the son of a coach; Daniel Cummings has a bright future ahead of him.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

6'2 - 2011 PG Dylan Ennis

6'2 Dylan Ennis - 2011

2011 - Dylan Ennis is a high Major point guard with all the tools. Can finish strong in the paint, can pass the ball and can keep the defense honest with his outstanding three ball. This past season while averaging 23pts 10 assists a game. While attending Lake Forest Academy in Illinois Dylan also played for Dickie Simkins (former Chicago Bull) and Dickies AAU program, NLP.  Dylan quickly became a premiere PG in the state of Illinois. This summer has proven to be a break out one for Ennis. This summer circuit had all the coaches buzzing now that he is back on the block. His outstanding play for his native Toronto CIA Bounce Team Takeover further built his stock amongst NCAA D1 coaches.

Dylan has picked up offers this summer from:

Akron, Santa Clara, Rice, N Iowa, Wisconcin Greenbay, Wagner, Bradley, Buffalo, NC Charlotte, St Boneventure, to name a few.
As well has interest from:
UNLV, Northeastern, Northwestern, Xavier, Ohio, Nebraska, Loyola, Iowa State, and many others.

Dylan will return to Lake Forest for his senior year and will be joined by his younger brother 6'2 - 2013 Tyler Ennis. Tyler a top recruit and # 14 player in the nation will add to the fire power of Lake Forest Academy in 2010 - 2011.

2012 - 7'4 Sim Bhullar

Bhullar Bros
For my first post on D1 Nation I decided to introduce you to Toronto Ontario Canada's own Sim Bhullar. Standing at 7'4 he is the largest basketball player actively playing in Canada. Sim has developed his game over the last year while playing for CIA Bounce Team Takeover Canada and attending Kiski Prep in Pennselvania. Kiski Prep head coach Daryn Freedman has an outstanding front court on his hands as Sim's younger brother Tanveer 2013 - 7'2 also attends the same school. Sim this past July 2010 made a statement on the AAU circuit in Indiana, West Virginia, and Orlando. Picking up offers from Pitt and West Virginia. Sim also has gained interest from Georgetown, USC, Washington State, Texas, Penn State, Duke, Syracuse, Villanova, Maryland, Stanford, Cornell, and Kentucky. Sim will use this upcomming season at Kiski Prep to continue to develope and build on his already large body and work on his conditioning.

Pic: left Sim Bhullar 2012 and right Tanveer Bhullar 2013

Friday, August 6, 2010

D1 Nation Expands To Canada!

I want to take a minute to welcome all our new friends from Ontario, Canada into the D1Nation Family.  Originally, I began a club basketball program in Austin, TX 10 years ago with the simple intention of helping my son and some of his friends in their quest to become better basketball players.  They did that and more as they all went on to play college basketball (and in a few cases college football). 

Frankly, I caught the bug of exposure level club basketball and just couldn't shake it.  The D1 Ambassadors grassroots basketball program has now expanded into Louisiana & Mississippi with more than 70 alumni having earned Division One scholarships. The summer of 2010 was also our first foray into the girls' scene, and we're excited to say our first female Ambassadors player has received a D1 offer to Boise State! 

New Mexico's Darrington Hobson became the first alumni of the D1 Nation to be drafted into the NBA, going early in the 2nd Round of the 2010 Draft to the Milwaukee Bucks

My recent friendship with Coach Tony McIntyre who has been the lynchpin behind the successful C.I.A Bounce program has me pleased to announce that the D1 Nation will now operate north of the 49th parallel, expanding exposure opportunities for the Ontario basketball player. Coach McIntyre shares the same passion for the pure grassroots game as I do.

Our mission to give Ontario players increased exposure south of the border will be accomplished through the offerings of camps, tournaments & quality uniform sales but most importantly through the use of this media site and    We ask you to join us on this ride as we take our company North American wide with the simple mission of assisting the positive growth of grassroots basketball.

McDonald's All American John Henson of the North Carolina Tar Heels.  The first alumni of the D1 Nation to achieve that honor.
For now, feel free to follow me directly at   I can't wait to see the outstanding job that Coach Tony McIntyre is going to do with this site as the editor for the Ontario grassroots basketball scene.


Coach Max Ivany