Friday, August 6, 2010

D1 Nation Expands To Canada!

I want to take a minute to welcome all our new friends from Ontario, Canada into the D1Nation Family.  Originally, I began a club basketball program in Austin, TX 10 years ago with the simple intention of helping my son and some of his friends in their quest to become better basketball players.  They did that and more as they all went on to play college basketball (and in a few cases college football). 

Frankly, I caught the bug of exposure level club basketball and just couldn't shake it.  The D1 Ambassadors grassroots basketball program has now expanded into Louisiana & Mississippi with more than 70 alumni having earned Division One scholarships. The summer of 2010 was also our first foray into the girls' scene, and we're excited to say our first female Ambassadors player has received a D1 offer to Boise State! 

New Mexico's Darrington Hobson became the first alumni of the D1 Nation to be drafted into the NBA, going early in the 2nd Round of the 2010 Draft to the Milwaukee Bucks

My recent friendship with Coach Tony McIntyre who has been the lynchpin behind the successful C.I.A Bounce program has me pleased to announce that the D1 Nation will now operate north of the 49th parallel, expanding exposure opportunities for the Ontario basketball player. Coach McIntyre shares the same passion for the pure grassroots game as I do.

Our mission to give Ontario players increased exposure south of the border will be accomplished through the offerings of camps, tournaments & quality uniform sales but most importantly through the use of this media site and    We ask you to join us on this ride as we take our company North American wide with the simple mission of assisting the positive growth of grassroots basketball.

McDonald's All American John Henson of the North Carolina Tar Heels.  The first alumni of the D1 Nation to achieve that honor.
For now, feel free to follow me directly at   I can't wait to see the outstanding job that Coach Tony McIntyre is going to do with this site as the editor for the Ontario grassroots basketball scene.


Coach Max Ivany

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