Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Young Buck....See's the LIGHT!

Pic: Daniel J Cummings
This past year was a break out season for Daniel J Cummings. Growing over 5 inches in the last 9 months he has established himself as a top player for the class of 2016. Daniel Cummings stands over 6’1 and 160lbs solid build and is 13 years old. Playing for his native Scarborough Blues, Daniel has lead his team to several successful championships. Playing in the (Ontario Provincial Championships OBA’s) Cummings contributed to his teams bronze medal by averaging 20 pts per game and 10 rebounds. Daniel Cummings through the entire 2009 – 2010 season averaged 20+ pts and 10+ rebounds per game. On the season the young Cummings was a part of championships at the Waterloo Wild hawk and York Avengers tournaments. The Blues also finished 2nd in their own tournament, as well as 2nd in the Brampton Warriors tournament.

Strengths that Daniel possesses are his outstanding mid range game, offset by his ability to play with his back to the basket. Offensively Cummings is able to keep his defender honest by facing up or taking his defender out to the three where he has demonstrated the ability to knock down the long ball. Daniel’s footwork is very good and he continues to work on his inside game. Cummings has shown steady improvement in his shot blocking and defensive rebounding game.

The Scarborough Blues team has also traveled to AAU tournaments in Rochester, Akron, Buffalo, Syracuse and several other tournaments with excellent results. Daniel’s Blues won the Buffalo Jam Fest and placed second in the Rochester Upstate Elite Tournament. At the aforementioned tournament Cummings was selected to the All Tournament Team.
Playing for his school Maclin Public School Cummings lead them to a Public School Championship. The banner that was won is the first in approx 15 years for the school.

Cummings has also excelled in track and field, and has shown that his athletic ability extends beyond the confines of a basketball court. Qualifying for the City Finals in the 100m after winning several events. Daniel is an excellent student off the court, the son of a coach; Daniel Cummings has a bright future ahead of him.

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